How do I decide what kind of care is right for myself or my loved one?

In-Home Care options vary widely, and the choices can be overwhelming. A basic awareness of options, and planning ahead, will help you make decisions that will be right for everyone involved. UNIQ provides a wide range of services and programs to match each house with the right professional and skill set. Call us to discuss how we can make your home a better place to live.

What distinguishes UNIQ from other healthcare agencies?

Quality and consistent ethical standards are qualities UNIQ will not compromise. The one-on-one care and assistance UNIQ provides enables adults to live at home, safely and on their own terms.

How do I talk to my loved one about the need for care?

Decisions and discussions about senior care and living options can often be difficult ones to approach. Getting help from a health care professional is always advised.

I’m caring for my loved one, but something has come up and now I need someone to take care of him/her while I am unavailable. Can UNIQ help?

Our services are structured to enable caregivers to take vacations or attend to needs at work or home. Your loved one will receive quality care in a comfortable
and pleasant fashion at a location of their choice.

Is UNIQ providing care in other jurisdictions, apart from Maryland?

UNIQ Healthcare provides Companion Care in the District of Columbia.


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