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Home Dialysis Partner

UNIQ Healthcare is focused on serving patients, who require dialysis treatment, in the comfort of their home.

Home Dialysis Partner

One of our premier services is our Home Dialysis Partner Program, provided by our well-trained and experienced dialysis partners/technicians. UNIQ Healthcare can effectively administer hemodialysis treatments to patients in their home from start to finish. Studies have shown that home hemodialysis treatment, which result not only in an improved quality of life for patients, but also has the potential for better clinical outcomes and less complications, is becoming the treatment of choice for patients who have the option to receive treatment at home. We partner with your dialysis center to make your home dialysis experience a pleasant and safe one.
Less Stress on the Heart
Fewer Medications
More Energy & Vitality
Improved Appetite
Improved Sleep Quality
Improved Post-Dialysis Recovery Time

Why home dialysis?

Home Dialysis offers greater flexibility, giving you the time and freedom to do more of what you love.

Our Home Hemodialysis Partners are well-trained and experienced dialysis professionals who effectively administer hemodialysis to clients in their home from start to finish by using the equipment provided by the client's assigned dialysis center's home program.

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