Hospital to Home Care

Post-Hospital Care

We can ease your transition after discharge from a hospital or rehabilitation facility and provide the needed support during recovery at home.

Post-hospital care is important for a speedy and safe recovery.  Several studies have concluded that post-hospital care reduces the chance of re-admission and increases the chance of a full recovery.  Our staff will assist with your medication management and administration and other services that improve overall comfort.  All our staff has received specialized training.  Please let us know what kind of support you need, weekly check-ins, daily visits, or even 24/7 monitoring.

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We are here to help when you need us:

On Call 24/7 for Client’s needs: Our team provides high quality home care services to clients in the comfort of their home.  Whether you need long-term daily health-related attention or are looking for short-term support.  We can also provide temporary respite care for families.  Call us when in need: 24/7.

Flexible and Fast Scheduling: We offer flexible and fast scheduling.  If you need to get away for a few hours a week or overnight, we can ease the worry, especially since our staff undergoes specialized training to perform the tasks assigned. We match the skills of our staff with the needs of our clients. 

Memory Care: We have a select team to provide our clients with a high quality of life as we meet the needs of those who have Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, while taking additional measures to ensure their safety. 

On call 24/7 for client needs
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Flexible and fast scheduling
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Regular quality assurance
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Stats & Charts

Clients are also provided with the resources to manage turnaround scope collection, approval and risk ranking. In addition, the resources to develop both the long range (+30%) budget on a statistical basis, as well as the control budget based on the completed schedule

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By helping with daily activities, our caregivers enable clients to maintain their normal daily routines. Hourly home care allows clients to use our caregivers on an hourly or as-needed basis.

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